The Serras Group
  • Inventory assets needing protection
  • Identify potential threats endangering assets
  • Identify dependency threats & supply chain analysis
  • Identify and prioritize critical assets, facilities, information & resources
  • Identify range & level of severity of threats
  • Evaluate risks & vulnerabilities with identified threats & assets
  • Determine Likelihood of Threat Occurrence
  • Determine Severity of Consequences of Loss of Assets
  • Prioritize Threats Measured Against Consequences of Loss of Assets
  • Evaluate existing threat profile or create new profile
  • Develop gap analysis & mitigation solutions to reduce risk exposure
  • Identify residual vulnerabilities & acceptable residual risk exposure

Through this Service The Serras Group helps clients address business risk impacts and strategies affecting deterrence, detection, prevention, protection, assessment, response and recovery effectiveness.  We define the level and range of threats confronting organizations, probability of threat occurrence and the consequences of asset loss.  The Service provides decision-makers insight for strategic, tactical and operational planning, countermeasures development, program planning and implementation, defining staffing needs and budget planning.  Services are customized to meet your particular security priorities:

Identifying Major Security Threats and Risk Exposure