The Serras Group
  • Define system configuration and safety & security features
  • Define reporting relationships & technical interfaces
  • Assess effectiveness of subsystem performance & component dependencies
  • Identify system performance expectations
  • Baseline actual system performance level
  • Determine system performance probability
  • Determine system life cycle expectancy
  • Assess gap analysis in system performance
  • Identify gaps in compliance criteria
  • Introduce technical solutions to strengthen performance
  • Enhance system Integrity and survivability

Evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Limitations of Electronic Security Systems and Identify Gaps in Design Configuration & Performance Expectations

Through this Service, The Serras Group helps clients understand the performance capabilities and limitations of installed security technologies, technology effectiveness, efficiency and economy with respect to detecting, deterring, assessing and reporting system transactions, alarm incidents and events in near real-time, and the selection of alternative courses of actions.  It allows decision-makers to develop system functional specification thresholds for future standards for preemptive or system protective action.  Services can include any or all of the following: