The Serras Group

Evaluate Strengths & Weakness of In-place Physical Security Protection Measures, Performance Capabilities & Practices

  • Determine operational requirements and dependency characteristics
  • Identify asset, facility and property characterization
  • Inventory assets needing protection
  • Identify realistic threats and hazards  endangering assets
  • Prioritize critical assets, facilities, information & resources
  • Prioritize threats measured against consequences of loss of assets
  • Risk and consequence loss analysis
  • Develop gap analysis & mitigation solutions to reduce risk exposure
  • Identify residual vulnerabilities & acceptable residual risk exposure
  • Monitor, evaluate and measure performance outcomes

Through this Service, The Serras Group helps clients inventory the assets they most want to protect, identify the potential threats endangerig these assets; evaluate vulnerabilities in terms of potential losses resulting from a catastrophic event; and develop and implement plans to protect those assets.

We define operational needs and turn them into performance standards, identify and priority risks and consequences and formulate integrated conceptual and prescriptive solutions.  The Service allows decision-makers to set thresholds for future standards for preemptive or protective action and for establishing priorities for changes to facility designs and infrastructure.  Services include the following: