The Serras Group

Program Management Oversight & System Design, Engineering & Installation Management Services

  • Project management, scheduling and cost controls
  • Acquisition strategy, bid specification development
  • Bid evaluation and selection
  • Design infrastructure consultation
  • Product selection, factory testing and demonstrations evaluation
  • Project organization, development, control & reporting
  • Quality assurance  oversight, quality controls and inspections
  • System integration and installation oversight
  • Management of hold points and witness points
  • Logistics and maintenance engineering evaluation
  • Test plan and test procedures  review/creation
  • System checkout, turnover & commissioning
  • Training development and training management
  • Post deployment support and on-call consultant services

Through this ServiceThe Serras Group offers clients a full range of multi-functional consultant advisory and system engineering technical assistance Services to maximize corporate staff productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, and economy.  The Serras Group uses professional experts to oversee and manage third-party contractors, so client resources are free to work on other competing tasks.  Services include the requisite management and leadership skill-sets and expertise over an entire project or just one aspect of an assignment in one or more or all of the following areas: