The Serras Group
  • Policies, employment performance standards, administrative guidelines
  • Organization mission statements & job descriptions
  • Security plans, standard operating procedures, checklists & post orders
  • System functional specifications & technical performance standards
  • Bid specifications & contract documents
  • Security contract agreements
  • Operations, logistics & maintenance guidelines
  • Emergency response Psans & crisis management guidelines
  • Alert, notifications and recall protocols
  • Event-driven response & recovery procedures
  • Crisis management strategic &  tactical plans & checklists
  • Training programs, courses of Instruction and drills & exercises

Creating Policies, Plans, Standards, Guidelines & Best Practices

Through this Service The Serras Group helps clients identify archaic, obsolete and cumbersome protocols and practices.  It also identifies gaps and suggests alternative means of achieving business objectives.  The Service helps integrate the efforts of stake holders and determines whether security plans, protocols and guidelines are aligned with corporate goals, objectives and policies and if they are user-friendly and actually used and referred to for authoritative guidance.  Services include the review and modification of or creation of the following representative documents.