The Serras Group

Through this Service The Serras Group helps clients evaluate organizational strategies and behaviors, measure performance and improve a security organization's productivity.  We define expectations and measure unit performance, clear the path of obstacles to goal attainment, set new expectations, bring about harmonious change, and build synergy both internal and external to the security organization.  The Service evaluates the current security operational profile and determines what improvements and enhancements are needed to make important business-related decisions on where to spend scarce resources and funds.  Services of value and meaning to chief executive officers include the following:

Evaluating the Strengths and Weakness of

Security Organizations, Management & Leadership

  • Corporate governance
  • Security mission and operational obligations
  • Organization vision, strategy and management style
  • Organizational expectations and capabilities
  • Organization architecture, effectiveness, efficiency & productivity
  • Behavior patterns, work norms and social interaction
  • Obstacles to achieving goals & objectives
  • Staffing utilization, expertise, experience and analysis
  • Management knowledge-base, qualifications, education, certifications
  • Measure & evaluate performance expectations
  • People & change management strategies
  • New performance expectations, protocols and processes
  • Change mindset, improve communications, train new behaviors & skills
  • Bring about harmonious change, build synergy and team-building