The Serras Group

John began his career in 1958 proudly servicing in the United States Air Force with distinction for 26 years, engaging in some of America's highly sensitive high-tech classified operations.  During his tenure with the Air Force, his assignments ranged from combat duty in Vietnam to field operations, form supervision to management, from intermediate and command experience to the Air Staff, calling for leadership i a rapidly changing, environment containing ambiguity, uncertainty and high visible circumstances.  Key positions held include:

  • Security Director, Air Force Flight Test Center/NASA Dryden Center - Space Shuttle Program
  • Director, Training and Resources Manager, Office of The Chief of Police, HQ USAFE - Counter terrorism
  • Director of Curriculum, Air Force Security Forces Center - Acceditation Management
  • Training Manager/university professor, public and private sectors - Qualifications, Certification and Proficiency

In these positions, John served as counselor to the Office of the Chief of Police, United States Air Force and several other Air Staff agencies.  John retired from the Air Force as a Chief Master Sergeant in 1982.

John Sullivant, CPP, CSC, CFC, CHS-IV, CNTA, RAM-W (CMSgt, USAF, Ret)

Fellow, American College of Forensic Examiners Institute

Executive Security Consultant

A Service-Disabled Veteran

Since 1990, John has been an independent consultant, researcher, strategist, analyst, educator and citizen volunteer.  He has been influential in formulating strategic advise for high-consequence programs.  Throughout his career, John has been an incredibly effective and decisive leader delivering groundbreaking solutions that have distinct meaning and value to chief executives who run very large organizations of broad scope and complexity.    Among them: Merrill Lynch, American Express, Bank of America, and the Bank of York; Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, American Paper Recycling Corporation, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and Master Foods Corporation; and Pfizer and Takeda Pharmaceuticals.  The nuclear power, chemical and telecommunications industries, the Department of Defense Physical Security Directorate, the Air Force Electronics & Communications Command, the U.S. Space Command, the FAA and NASA, and the international civil aviation authorities of the the governments of Zambia, Tanzania and Turkey have benefited from his expertise.

Entering the private sector in 1982, John is formerly the chief executive of Valley Plaza Inc. - a major convention center and served as the President of its Board of Directors; a former Vice President of Security Applications Inc. - a security design and engineering firm.  He joined Analytical Systems Engineering Inc. as an operations manager and later became the Test Director for Integrated Security Systems for the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command.  John was recruited by Raytheon as a business manager and Deputy Program Manager for the National Nuclear Security Administration, responsible for implementing the security technology RDT&E aspects of the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) Treaty Project, and worked on several other U.S. unilateral treaties.  He has held key positions on national councils and advisory boards.

John is one of America's leading, trusted advisors known for his forensic consultation in coaching CEO's strategic advise and expertise in the pursuit of protecting life and critical assets.  He is widely recognized as an authority that pursues strategic solutions that collectively enhance security performance, strengthen security best practices and blend outcomes into a larger framework of organization resiliency.  John is a successful business owner and ombudsman, a trusted agent for changing the security landscape, a long-time expert and ultimate reliable resources to the security community.

John is a board-certified professional holding a considerable number of multi-discipline nationally recognized credentials, among them: Certified Protection Professional (CPP); Certified Security Consultant (CSC); Certified Forensic Consultant (CFC) Certified in Homeland Security (CHS-IV); and Certified National Threat Analyst (CNTA).  He is a renowned author of two books and a chapter contributor of a third book: Building a Corporate Culture of Security; Strategies for Protecting National Critical Infrastructure Assets; and Strategies for Protecting Telecommunications, respectively.  In all three works, John carries out a laser focus analysis of deficiencies, weaknesses and inadequacies affecting security operations.  He has published several articles in various magazines and journals, and written numerous government and industry standards and guidelines.  Two significant works include the National Security Plan for the Protection of the Space Shuttle, and the DOD Manual for performing security Assessment on Military Installations.  John is the creator of a unique risk management process for performing assessments, inspections and audits across all dimensions of the national infrastructure.  While John goes contrary to his peers' conclusions, he has been proven right, and his unique perspective of  systematic forensic investigation is widely respected in the security world.  John blends the fields of organizational sciences, process analysis and technology integration into a workable framework of strategies and solutions that fit within the context of larger enterprise business goals ad objectives that resonate extremely well with chief executives.

A regarded scholar, John received his Bachelors' of Science in Law Enforcement from South West Texas State University with honors, and earned his Masters' of Science degree in Counseling & Guidance from Troy State University with high honors and academic fitness.  He completed post-graduate work in Police Administration at the University of Southern California and has attended numerous technical, management and leadership courses, including more than 4,000 hours of professional development.  John holds numerous lifetime achievement awards.

John Sullivant is a distinguished Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute with five decades of exemplary security management and leadership experience and more than 4,300 engagements taking on big security challenges and getting results in industry, government and academia, both domestically ad abroad.  John has been a trusted agent and strategic advisor since 1958.  Advisory services focus on the principles of finding root causes of image, brand and reputation threats and other risks and accurately calculates his conclusions.