• Strategic security planning vision
  • Security organization and staff
  • Program evaluation and measurement

Responding to Changing Threats and the Challenges of Opportunities by Assessing:

The Serras Groupoffers a full range of security management consulting services that includes oversight, insight and foresight.  We have successfully applied solutions to create safe and secure environments for public and private sector clients, worldwide.

Threat Analysis

Security Assessments

Security Technology Analysis

Emergency Planning

Organization Evaluations

Policy & Protocol Creation

Training Development

Program Management Services

Quality Assurance Services

  • Client confidence and relations
  • Meeting or exceeding client expectations
  • Institutional knowledge and expertise

Maximizing the Value of The Serras Group by being a Model Consulting Organization in the Areas of:

  • Integrated security risk management
  • Vulnerability & threat analysis
  • Risk mitigation
  • Security effectiveness improvements
  • Security emergency planning
  • Business continuity planning
  • Security assessment methodology
  • Performance-based accountability
  • Strategic partnering

Providing Timely, Quality Service to Address Current & Emerging Security Challenges :

  • Security operational capabilities
  • Security technology performance
  • Security policies, protocols and processes

Demonstrated Competence & Professional Excellence

Our strategic plan for offering professional security consulting services is premised on achieving the following goals & objective

The Serras Group